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Data source configuration

AWS requires the following information in a data source:

  • accessKeyId: The Access Key ID created for the billing user in Amazon's Identity and Access Management (IAM) service
  • secretKey: The Secret Key created for the billing user in the IAM service

You can define this information in a managed data source or an explicit data source. For general information about these two types, see Setting up a data source.

Managed data source

When creating a managed data source, select the type Amazon. When referring to your data source from a job, use the com.cloudcruiser.batch.collect.amazon.ManagedAmazonDataSource​​​ bean. For example:

<bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.collect.amazon.ManagedAmazonDataSource">
  <property name="name" value="MyAWSDataSource"/>

Explicit data source

When defining your data source in a job, use the com.cloudcruiser.batch.collect.amazon.AmazonDataSourceConfig​​ bean. For example:

<bean class="com.cloudcruiser.batch.collect.amazon.AmazonDataSourceConfig">
  <property name="accessKeyId" value="accessKeyId"/>
  <property name="secretKey" value="secretKey"/>
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