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Welcome to the Cloud Cruiser 16 documentation. This is the complete documentation for Cloud Cruiser 16, which enables you to manage cloud usage and consumption across multiple clouds. Cloud Cruiser provides fast time to value with instant access to your public cloud services, interactive dashboards, and powerful business Insights.

Why Cloud Cruiser?

Cloud Cruiser is an end-to-end solution with detailed reports, views, and analytics to help you manage your cloud consumption and maximize your cloud investments. It has an intuitive design with interactive charts, drag and drop features, data mapping, monitoring, and powerful insights.

Cloud Cruiser gives you:

  • Time to Value - Instant real-time reports and an interactive dashboard with rich analytics
  • Cloud Cost Control - Unified single view of all cloud services and trends across multiple platforms
  • Optimized Usage - Enhanced data with richer and more accurate reports and insights by using SmartTags  
  • Instant Insights - Immediate decisions based on flexible and customizable KPIs

Key features include:

Feature Description
 Views View your cloud data in a concise dashboard of charts and reports
 Reports Build your reports, drill-down into your data, and share reports with others
 Budgets Manage flexible budgets and time-frames, track multiple groups, and set notifications
 Insights View insights that alert you on saving and optimization opportunities
 What-If Model a future state based on current and historic usage and spend
 RI Advisor Maximize cost savings with (RI) a built-in recommendation engine
 Health Check Monitor performance and health-checks on all connections and create customizable alerts
 Data Manage everything from cloud data to how report fields display
 SmartTags Define rules to augment your data
 Permissions Define flexible secure permissions to groups and users

What is new

For a description of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes, see the Cloud Cruiser 16 Release Notes.

Video tutorials

Watch the video below for an overview of Cloud Cruiser 16. To see more videos, visit our Video library.


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