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Signing in with Microsoft or Google

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If you already have a Cloud Cruiser account, you can sign in to it using the credentials for your Microsoft or Google account. This allows you to manage just one password (the one for the external account), a capability known as single sign on (SSO). To use the SSO capability of Cloud Cruiser you must meet the following requirements.


The email address of your Cloud Cruiser account must also be a member of an Azure Active Directory (AAD).

When you log in via your AAD credentials, Cloud Cruiser asks you to enter your directory name. You should ask your administrator for this name if you don't know it. You can leave this field blank if all of the following are true:

  • Your AAD account is a Work or School account, not a Personal account
  • Your organization has only one directory
  • You are not a guest in any other organization's directory

The first time you log in, you are prompted to give Cloud Cruiser permission to your account. Click Accept. We only use this permission to sign you in.


The email address of your Cloud Cruiser account must also be a Google account. This can be a gmail.com address or, if your organization uses Google Apps for Work with a custom domain, an address on your own domain.

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