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Viewing usage and billing data

Cloud Cruiser provides a concise, easy to use view of your cost data in the My View area. Your view contains one or more pages, each with one or more charts or report tools, called widgets. For example, the Default View includes Summary, Reports, Budgets, and Forecasting pages, each with different charts and reports.


Cloud Cruiser administrators build views, and then assign them to user groups. The My View area shows the view assigned to your user group, and contains charts and reports tailored to your role. While all users in your group start with the same view, changes you make to your view do not affect the views of other users in your group.

If you have the Manage Views permission, you can click the Edit icon () on the My View page to edit that view.

For more information about working with pages, charts, and reports, see the following topics:

Video overview

The following video helps you understand your view, a set of charts and reports that you use to analyze your cloud’s usage and cost:

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